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Meanwhile in Spain... WAR (These Tremendous Years 1919-1938; A Daily Express Publication, U.K. 1938)

(1931) EXILED QUEEN SAYS GOOD-BY: With the words: "Adios Madrid! Adios Espana!" tears running down her face, Queen Ena left Spain on April 15, travelling secretly to meet her husband, King Alfonso, who had abdicated following the news of sweeping Republican success in the municipal elections.

(1936) Meanwhile in Spain - WAR: Middle class intelelctual formed the Republcian government of Spain after the flight of King Alfonso in 1931. They believed they could alter things in Spain without a revolution; but they faced opposition from Church, army and landowners. In February 1935 came a general election. Republican parties joined up and got 4,839,449 votes; Rightists parties got 3,996,931 votes. Six months later, on July 18, the Rightists rose againts the newly-elected government. Civil war had come to Spain.

(1938) SINKING OF THE BALEARES: Seventy miles off the coast of Cartagena, Spain, a Loyalist fleet of four destroyers and two cruisers met a Rebel fleet of four destroyers and three cruisers, shortly after midnight on march 6. First major naval battle since 1916, it ended at 2.30 a.m. with the sinking of the Rebel cruiser Baleares by a Loyalist torpedo. Ignoring shouts to jump overboard from sailors of the British destroyer Kempenfelt that had come to the rescue, five hundred of the Baleares crew, including the admiral in command, were burned to death. (Men swimming from the Baleares can be seen in lower left corner of the picture.)


  1. Quien olvida su historia está condenado a repetirla (Ruíz de Santayana)

    Quizá por esas ganas de volver al pasado, intentan impedirnos la recuperación de la memoria.


  2. La desmemoria y la neutralización de la memoria no son frutos del azar. Todo tiene su explicación, por supuesto. ¿A quién le conviene que no repasemos nuestro pasado? A quienes se averguenzan del mismo o tienen algo que ocultar.

    Sahha, Julio.



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